Speaking & Writing


  1. Managing Designers (panelist). AIGA, September 2016.
  2. Designing Products — Innovation (panelist). AIGA, March 2016.
  3. The Beauty of Ordinary Design. Web Directions, October 2015. (Slides & Video & Article)
  4. The Beauty of Ordinary Design. Industry Conference, April 2015. (Slides & Video)
  5. Real Talk, Real Solutions: A Panel on Solving Tech's Diversity Issues (panelist). General Assembly, December 2014.
  6. Talent & Hiring (moderator). Form Design Conference, November 2014. (Video)
  7. Data-Driven Design vs. Using Design Intuition (panelist). Accel Design Conference, April 2014 (ArticleVideo).
  8. Behind the Design: A peek into UX at Google. iXDA, August 2013. (Article)
  9. Get Unstuck: Gamestorming not Brainstorming. Google I/O. May 2013. (Slides) 
  10. Bootcamp for a UX Team of None. South by Southwest, March 2012. 
  11. Overlap conference (co-organizer). Overlap 2011.
  12. Comics for Storytelling and Sketching 101. SketchCamp SF (co-organizer), May 2011. 
  13. 1up! Games for Change. South by Southwest, March 2011. (Slides)
  14. Comics for Storytelling. DrawCamp, Milwaukee, June 2010.
  15. Bodystorming and No Bullshit User Research. FOO Camp East, May 2010.
  16. Social Search: A Little Help From My Friends. South by Southwest, March 2010. (SlidesPodcast)
  17. Digital Ethnography for Social Interaction Design. User Research Friday, February 2010. (Slides)
  18. Aiming for Innovation: Living Design in a Business WorldBayCHI, December 2009. (SlidesArticle)
  19. Designing for Sociality in Enterprise Search. Enterprise Search Summit West, November 2009. (SlidesArticle)
  20. Do Your Friends Make You Smarter? Exploring Social Interactions in Search. Cognitive Science Dept. at UCSD, June 2009. (SlidesVideo)
  21. Exploring the Cognitive Consequences of Social Search. CHI'09, April 2009. (Slides)
  22. Towards a Model of Understanding Social Search. CSCW'08, November 2008. (SlidesArticle)
  23. Distributed Cognition and the Social Web. Reboot 10, June 2008. (Slides)
  24. Augmented Information Assimilation: Social and Algorithmic Web Aids for the Information Long Tail. CHI'08, April 2008. (SlidesVideo)


  1. Google+Design workshop series, in partnership with Semi-Permanent. Feb 2013 - Oct 2013. (Video montage)
  2. Gamestorming for Primary Education. SF Friends School. Feb 9, 2012.
  3. Enterprise Social Search Workshop. Bolt | Peters. May 7, 2010.
  4. Using data to inform social design. Creativity and Cognition. October 27, 2009. (PDF)
  5. The Social Web Workshop, (co-organizer). Helsinki, Finland. October 2009. (Article)


  1. 6-8-5. Gamestorming blog; May 17, 2011. (Article)
  2. Party Invitations. Gamestorming blog; August 16, 2010. (Article)
  3. Doing More with Remote Research: Exploring Physical and Social Contexts. UX Magazine, August 17, 2010. (Article)
  4. iPad vs. iPhone: A User Experience Study. UX Magazine, June 10, 2010. (Article)
  5. Using Remote Research to Inform Social Interaction Design (SxD). Bolt|Peters blog, February 2, 2010. (Article)
  6. Putting the Craft in Design Thinking. Unstructure, January 30, 2010. (unavailable)
  7. Social Shopping: Putting the Emotion Back in E-Commerce. ReadWriteWeb, December 4, 2009. (Article)
  8. Three Flavors of Social Search: What to Expect. ReadWriteWeb, November 12, 2009. (Article)
  9. Why There's Nothing to Fear in Social Search. ReadwriteWeb, October 27, 2009. (Article)
  10. Social Relevancy Rank: What's Missing? ReadWriteWeb, July 26, 2009. (Article)

Published Papers

  1. Social Search can't be Solved by an Algorithm. B.M. Evans. pp. 245-247, in Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success, by Greg Nudelman. Wiley, 2011. (Buy the book!)
  2. When Facebook comes to Work: Understanding the Work Practice of the Digital Native (Chapter 1). B.M. Evans. in Dancing with Digital Natives: Staying in Step with the Generation that's Transforming the Way Business is Done. CyberAge Books, 2011. (Chapter 1 (PDF); Buy the book!)
  3. An Elaborated Model of Social Search. B.M. Evans and E.H. Chi. in Information Processing and Management, 46(6), pp. 656-678, 2010. (PDF)
  4. Do Your Friends Make You Smarter?: An Analysis of Social Strategies in Online Information Seeking. B.M. Evans, S. Kairam, and P. Pirolli. Information Processing and Management, 46(6), pp. 679-692, 2010. (PDF)
  5. Exploring the Cognitive Consequences of Social Search. B.M. Evans, S. Kairam, and P. Pirolli. in Proc. Computer-Human Interaction (CHI'09), ACM Press, pp. 3377-3382, 2009. Student Research Competition [2nd place]. (PDF)
  6. Towards a Model of Understanding Social Search. B.M. Evans and E.H. Chi. in Proc. of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW'08), ACM Press, pp. 485-494, 2008. (PDF)
  7. Augmented Information Assimilation: Social and Algorithmic Web Aids for the Information Long Tail. B.M. Evans and S.K. Card. in Proc. of Computer-Human Interaction (CHI'08), ACM Press, pp. 989-998, 2008. (PDF)
  8. Neuropsychological and Neurophysiological Effects of Carbamazepine and Levetiracetam. K.J. Meador, A. Gevins, S.W. Loring, L.K. McEvoy, P.G. Ray, M.E. Smith, G.K. Motamedi, B.M. Evans, and C. Baum. Neurology, 69, pp. 2076-2084, 2007. (PDF)