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  • When Facebook comes to work

    The chapter I wrote over a year and a half ago, "When Facebook Comes to Work," has finally been published in a new CyberAge book by Information Today: Dancing with Digital Natives. (View the Table of Contents.)

    "This remarkable group of editors and authors presents a range of opinions about the challenges and opportunities of business life in a digital era. Taken together, these essays help us to debunk many of the myths that we too commonly rely upon when we talk of digital natives, in the context of business, marketing, learning, career development, and otherwise. ... No matter what, this book will make you think."

    —John Palfrey, co-author, Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives

    The book is a compilation of chapters by different authors who speak to the characteristics of "digital natives" — folks who have been immersed in digital technology from birth — and how digital natives are transforming the way business is done. My chapter is on the work style of young technophiles. It just so happens to be the first chapter and the sample chapter that you can download to get a preview of the rest of the book!

    I am quoted in a book review by PR Newswire, talking about the impact of digital natives in the workplace:

    "It's not just their hip iPhones and contemporary slang ('Facebook me!') that marks this as a new era. Their work practice is fundamentally changing as they live and breathe this culture of distributed networking and social technologies.. ... It may never be a practice that managers and previous generations wish to embrace personally—and that's fine. They will, however, need to recognize and understand this emerging work practice if they wish to maximize the digital native workforce."
    —Brynn Evans, Ch 1 – When Facebook Comes to Work

    Dancing with Digital Natives was edited by Michelle Manafy and Heidi Gautschi. The contributors include Mary Ann Bell, Shashi Bellamkonda, Sarah Bryans Bongey, Jami L. Carlacio, Albert M. Erisman, Brynn Evans, Susan Evans, Lance Heidig, David Hubbard, Richard Hull, Marshall Lager, Christa M. Miller, Emilie Moreau, Carolina M. Reid, Michael Russell, Peggy Anne Salz, Arana Shapiro, Dan Schawbel, Rebecca Rufo-Tepper, and Robert J. Torres.

    It can be purchased on Amazon or directly from the publisher.

    2011/408 pp/hardbound
    ISBN 978-0-910965-87-3
    Regular Price $27.95