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  • What I brought home from SXSW

    I just returned from an amazing 5 days in sunny Austin, TX. This was my 3rd year at SxSWi and it was as jam packed, exhausting, and energizing as any I've been to in the past! I decided not to do the panel-hopping thing this year and instead spend quality time with people I rarely get to see.

    (I was also spotted singing karaoke on the RVIP bus, which I never do either!)

    But when I came home yesterday, I realized that I brought home a ton of stuff, despite making my best attempt to stay away from the conference hall and the oodles of swag handed out every year.

    Here's what I brought home with me:

    • 3 Gowalla shirts (2 t-shirts and 1 adorable 3/4 length hoodie)
    • 2.5 pairs of YouTube knee-high socks (now I just need a kickball game to play in!)
    • A ditto shirt
    • An Urban Airship shirt
    • A professional photo for my page!
    • 2 sample BankSimple credit cards (cannot wait for this one to launch!)
    • AllThingsD temporary tattoo
    • Alfred "butler" (this thing doubles as a screen & keyboard cleaning tool)
    • Signed copy of Cadence & Slang (thanks Nick!)
    • Pack of AOL matches
    • 2 LEGO keychains
    • 2 months free of TripIt Pro
    • About 50 business cards
    • Slides from my panel on Games for Change
    • 100 trees planted in the Mahabana Estuary in Madagascar (thanks to The Play Mob and Mike Robert tweeting up my panel!)

    Oh, and I walked a total of 79,551 steps (or 34.8 miles) across 5 days.

    What did you bring home?