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  • Time for something new — but what?

    It’s with mixed emotions that I’m announcing my departure from the startup I’ve been working at since last August. I’m going to keep this post brief and follow up with a longer, more thoughtful post on why I left after the SxSW craze dies down.

    In short, my startup was no longer a place where I could do the kind of creative work I want to do (and that I’m good at). The people on the team and the history we’d built up as a company made it a difficult place to do UX and design. Part of this is because we were larger (7 people) than we should have been given the certainty of the product direction. This led to every decision being made by committee — leading to premature compromises and resulting in bad product design. I was also the sole designer and I’ve come to realize that I’m more effective when I work on a collaborative team that understands and appreciates the role of UX.

    So, what's next? I’m not sure yet! I will be taking March off to consider a variety of options, using SxSW as a bookend to this chapter in my professional development.

    Come find me at SXSW and let's chat — I'd love to get pointers to new opportunities that excite you!

    Oh, and of course: thanks to all my friends who've helped me through this decision and transition. It hasn't been easy for me, and I'm grateful for all your support!