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  • #1UP: Games for Change

    It's exciting that South by Southwest is just around the corner! When I submitted my panel proposal back in, what, June? July?...I had an inkling that games would be an interesting topic, and I was particularly interested in social change. Hence a panel proposal which is now called: 1UP! Games for Change. (hashtag will be #1UP)!

    Yesterday, James Renovitch published an article in the Austin Chronicle based on an interview with me, Thor Muller, and Dave Gray about our respective game panels: "Gaming the System: Applying the mechanics of play to the everyday". It got me even more excited about picking the brains of my two awesome panelists, Zao Yang (of MyMiniLife/Farmville) and Jude Ower (of, about their perspective on "gamification" and how games can be used to motivate people to change their behavior – for personal or social change.

    The short version of the panel is this:

    This panel will explore ways that games can be used to motivate personal change and increase productivity. We'll start by talking about the theory behind games and gamification for behavior change — in contrast to games for social networking (e.g., Foursquare) — and how game-like activities have been used for a long time to encourage people to change their own behavior. Then the discussion will revolve around applications of game theory in practical, everyday situations (e.g., in the workplace, for dieting, parenting, reducing our carbon footprint, etc). Our panelists will talk about their experience in these situations — what games they chose, how the games helped change people's behavior, and any take-aways they have for using games in your own life or building them into your next enterprise.

    For the long version, come attend the panel in Austin!

    1UP! Games for Change: Tuesday March 15, at 5:00pm in Room 6AB of the Austin Convention Center.