About Brynn

Today I'm a Design Lead in Android on a project that hopes to better connect Android users to the things that matter to them. I've been designing social products at Google for over 3 years and running design thinking workshops for over 6 years — at Google, Apple, McAfee, Estée Lauder, and with a few organizations abroad.

My UX career began as a researcher, where I interviewed over 250 users in my years at PARC and Bolt | Peters. This led to 7 papers and 2 book chapters on social search and "digital natives." Eventually, I realized that I wanted to be designing solutions to problems rather than analyzing them alone. Other than this ux / research background, I'm a self-taught designer.

I co-founded XX+UX, SketchCamp, Overlap'11, and the Awesome Foundation (SF Chapter).

I start everyday with green tea.